BidMyCrib.com is an online classifieds focused on sublease, lease takeover, and negotiable contracts. Unlike traditional rental search engines, this is all we focus on! Whether you’re looking to sell your contract early, or find an amazing deal on a partial contract, we can help!

Selling your contract is simple, the first step is to contact your landlord and find out what options you have. Some contracts allow you to sublease, while others require a lease takeover. Second, list your lease on BidMyCrib.com. Once your listing is live copy the link or use our share button to share your listing on all your social media. This helps bring more traffic to your contract listing and will help you sell much quicker!

Subletting involves finding a tenant to occupy your room/housing accommodation while you are still on the original contract. Lease takeovers involve the complete signing over of a lease. Reach out to your landlord or read over your original lease to see what options are available to you.

The time it takes to sell your contract varies based on a variety of factors such as time of year and popularity of your location. Some contracts might sell in a few days while others take a few weeks. Our site prioritizes listings with incentives in our search engine, we highly recommend offering an incentive such as a free month of rent, part of your deposit, or even cash to promote a quick sale.

As soon as possible!!

As soon as you know you plan on moving, list it, start early to avoid last minute complications.o see what options are available to you.

In most cases you are still responsible for monthly payments during your lease duration. Check with your landlord or complex management for further details.

Incentives are optional, however we highly recommend it. Buyers are more likely to purchase a discounted partial contract. As mentioned previously our site does prioritize deals first.

An incentive is something to persuade potential buyers to take over your particular contract. Incentive Examples include:

-Free month of rent

-Free parking pass

-Paid Deposit


  1. Take good pictures of your apartment, some clean up may be necessary 😉 

2. Write a description highlighting all of the amenities and pros of your location

3. Offer an incentive, discounts attract buyers

Notify your landlord/management that you have found a buyer, they will help you through the next steps. 

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